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Welcome to Real Dev Squad

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What is Real Dev Squad?

Real Dev Squad is an online non-profit open source free fun community for people in tech, mainly developers, designers, college students, or product managers, to come, learn and contribute towards building a platform for our community, that helps upskill everyone.

We are an inclusive, respectful, warm, motivated and commited squad of people who constantly grow together and tackle bigger and harder challenges to ensure we become some of the best problem solvers, engineers, designers and more out there.

Why you should consider joining?

  • Real Development

    It’s in the name. We do real development to solve real challenges. This isn’t a tutorial hell workshop, where you constantly watch a bunch of videos all the time and label yourself a developer on LinkedIn.

    We don’t do unfinished hobby projects here. Our code is peer reviewed, improved and the open source work that you do here is displayed on your member’s profile.

    You are encouraged to show this profile to your potential recruiters, and this work is more credible because it’s deployed on production and has real users. You will learn debugging skills and improving performance and reliability of the products you make here.

    You will be given real challenges, which are always slightly outside your comfort zone and current skills, so that you keep getting better.

  • Constant coaching and mentoring

    Our main mentor and coach, Ankush Dharkar, has been teaching people to solve engineering challenges and code for a long time. He is himself a full-stack developer, with heavy expertise on Frontend UI engineering. He was involved with his own startup for more than 7 years, then worked at Disney+Hotstar, was an instructor at career accelerator at Pesto Tech, and currently working at Amazon.

    You will always be tracked for updates on our status site, and we periodically remove our inactive participants. So, rest assured, there’s no dead-weight.

    You will always have direction and goals on how to improve. You won’t be wasting time deciding what to build -- this is often a problem people don’t realize. People choose hobby projects they already know how to do. In real life, quite often you get new unforseen challenges. We prepare you to tackle them head-on.

  • Smart squad members

    You will work with other smart developers, some of them who started with almost no knowledge of coding or development. The only thing that makes them successful is commitment, persistence and willingness to admit things they do not know and do something about it. If you stay shy and don’t participate, you will be the one at loss.

    All the members who you would work with, our highly active motivated and driven peer group that you can ask for. You may or may not have such a group at your workplace :)

  • Learning and Collaboration

    We share our experiences and knowledge, so you will learn far more and sooner than on your own. We pool and share our resources to ensure we are some of the best employees companies will come across.

  • Engineering for evolution

    We are not a one-trick pony. We do projects in a lot of technologies, including standard web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Ember, Vue, Node, Go, Rust, and more.

    We don’t limit ourselves to one thing. We focus on building amazing basic foundations and then adapting and learning whatever tech or tool we have to in order to engineer the best solutions to problems.

    We are engineers and problem solvers, not the kind of people who will become outdated with time.

  • Soft Skills

    Being successful in career is much more than just knowing how to push keys and click around. We ensure that you are the kind of person who is great at communitcation skills: Both Written and Spoken.

    We are ourselves a fun group, who believe in helping each other. You will have a good time!

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