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Past Events

Web Mini-Conference

July 12th, 2pm IST


Object oriented pattern in JavaScript

Kratika Chowdhary

Works at Eli Lilly and Company

  • Different patterns for implementing objects like factory, hybrid and parasitic
  • What is prototype and how it works

Async programming with JavaScript

Nikhil Bhandarkar

Works at WayCool Foods & Products Pvt Ltd

  • Callbacks
  • Promises
  • Async / Await

Closures and Promises

Ramya Parthiban

Works at Walmart labs

  • closures
  • promises

What the hell is this?

Sahil Kapoor

Works at Wizikey

  • Basic definition of this
  • Different Types of binding
  • The new binding
  • Binding Precedence


Sandeep Sinha Mahapatra

Works at

  • What is REST ?
  • What is statelessness?
  • Headers, content type etc .
  • What is gRPC , and how it is different from REST .

Js concepts

Shihabudheen US

Works at Dunzo

  • Event Loop
  • Call stack
  • setTimeout
  • Callback queue

"Performance Matters - Optimization Techniques You Need to Know"

Sridharan Jayabal

Works at DocOn Technologies

  • Optimization Cheatsheet: Reducing the size(js files, images, css sprites, modules conversion)
  • gzip vs brotli
  • CDNs, caching, loading techniques, asset placement
  • optimizing DOM manipulation and code

CSS Positioning and Flexbox

Satyam Bansal

Works at Pesto

  • CSS Positioning overview
  • CSS Flexbox introduction
  • Why CSS flexbox is an essential skill for every developer
  • CSS flexbox useful properties and real world example demo